Using the iPhone 5S

Date Posted:22 November 2013 

The iPhone 5S is packed with a daunting list of new features, so below are some tips for getting the most out of the phone, thanks to Digital Trends.

Setting up the phone

Upgrading the phone from an older model can be done using the setup assistant. The iPhone 5S can be connected by Lightning cable to iTunes and used to sync up a user's personal data.

Taking photos

A small camera icon can be found at the bottom right of the lock screen, which should be flicked up to start the camera app. The volume up button serves as a shutter button. Tapping and holding the shutter button will take burst shots at a rate of 10 per second.

Recording slow motion videos

After opening the camera app, swiping to the right twice will open the Slo-Mo mode. Tapping the shutter will then start and stop the recording process.

Using Siri

Going into Settings > General > Siri and turning Raise to Speak on will activate the phone's assistant service, Siri.