Sena 10u Internalized System for Helmet Brands

The limited surface space on motorcycles requires that every centimetre be utilised strategically. Now that it’s time for a new helmet, you want an integrated system that allows you to communicate with fellow riders, listen to music and answer incoming phone calls without being bogged down with bulky attachments that clutter your space. The Sena 10u provides all the time-trusted features of Sena communication systems neatly tucked away in your helmet. This superior system uses a handsfree headset and comes with a handlebar remote for quick alternative system navigation. Come down to Mr Mobile in Alexandria to see multiple Sena 10u system styles customised to fit the leading helmet manufacturers, or browse our online store. Since 1987 we’ve offered exemplary customer service and support both in person and over the phone and are happy to lend our highly qualified advice as to the perfect communication system for your motorcycle experience.

Sena 10u’s handsfree headset has a two-button control system for easy access even in gloves. Enjoy 4-way intercom conversations at a range of up to 1.6km or utilise 4.1 Bluetooth capabilities to sync with your Android of iPhone to take and make calls or listen to your music. Sena 10u is equipped with an FM radio dial and allows pre-set programming of 10 stations providing up to 10 hours of music listening. Advanced audio distribution and noise control features amplify the sounds you want while tuning out the sounds you don’t and 3-hour charging gets you back on the road quickly.