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Use Sena 30K for Seamlessly Connected Motorcycle Group Riding

Sena’s time-trusted line of mobile communication systems continually incorporates the newest technology when developing their products. This time, the new Sena 30k, utilises two processors, one for Bluetooth and one for Mesh Intercom Technology. Gone are the days of frustrating Bluetooth connection glitches that disconnect the whole pack when one rider goes out of range. The Sena 30K keeps the group connected and will reconnect with the out-of-range rider automatically when the they return within range.

The Sena 30k’ Mesh Intercom Technology has a jaw-dropping range of up to 2km giving your group the most extensive connectivity range. Bluetooth synchronisation with your phone allows you to enjoy all the music, phone, and GPS capabilities of earlier models plus the advantages of universal compatibility and attachments. With these two networks running and accessed simultaneously, individual riders can multitask with seamless connection thanks to the industry-defining features of the Sena 30k. 

As riders ourselves, Mr Mobile is constantly seeking new Motorcycle products and advancements in mobile communications. We use and test all the Sena products and understand rider’s needs and requirements ensuring a safe enjoyable riding experience. Located in Alexandria since the dawn of mobile communication systems in the 1980s, Mr Mobile provides specialised advice on mobile communication products in person or over the phone. Our online store promises secured purchases and expedient processing and shipping throughout Australia. Don’t settle for the gadgets of the past, get the latest innovation in motorcycle communication systems with the Sena 30k.