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Capture Stunts and Stay Connected with Sena 10c

Your idea of a perfect weekend is hitting the motocross track with your mates and riding until you run out of petrol. Last week Sam pulled off a gravity-defying jump that would have been perfect for their YouTube channel. Don’t miss another epic stunt when you add the Sena 10c to your motorbike. The Sena 10c is one part four-way intercom communication and one part HD camera. The Sena 10c camera takes video and still shots in multiple modes while the mount itself is adjustable allowing for multiple angles. The unit pairs with iPhone and Android phones, and built-in FM radio dial and Bluetooth connection capabilities let you to share music with your mates while you tread the track with a range up to 900 meters. Voice prompts grant safe and easy access, or add a handlebar mounted or wristwatch-style remote compatible with the Sena 10c model. Get the unit and browse its wide range of additional features at Mr Mobile.

Mr Mobile has been a leading Authorised Australian reseller since the beginning of mobile communication systems. Initially catering to businesses and government entities, we have expanded to help recreational and sports enthusiasts secure safe electronic accessories for their vehicles like the Sena 10c. Browse our online store or come down to Mr Mobile’s Alexandria storefront and talk to our highly-qualified staff about system differences, options, and warranties. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and are happy to guide you through your purchase, even over the phone, so that you get the most compatible solution for your bike and lifestyle.