Top 5 RAM motorcycle mounts

Date Posted:7 March 2016 

1. U-Bolt

If your bike has handlebar space, this is the one number one mount, strong stable and allows for a wide range of interchangeable RAM cradles to be mounted in good line of sight . The U-bolt is supplied with two sized 'U' and a half moon spacer . The dimensions compatible with handlebars from 0.5" to 1.25"


2. Centre Fork Stem

Sports bikes like Ducati and Yamaha do not have a round bar or rail handlebar so the next best mounting position is the hollow centre fork stem on these bikes. A small piece is custom cut and inserted into the column and expanded to wedge in the hollow, a Ram 1" ball adapter makes up this part to team up with RAM double clamp and any cradle, GPS or Go pro adapter.

RAM Centre Fork Stem base for Motorcycles

3. BMW M8 Bolt 

The M8 bolt is an industry standard bolt on most BMW bikes. Remove a bolt from the handlebar and replace with the RAM-B-367U, and 1" ball with hollow centre allowing the M8 bolt to sit in the centre, leaving a neat 1" ball ready for the double clamp arm RAM-B-201U and your choice of phone cradle, depending on the model of your phone.

RAM Motorcycle Mirror Mount

4. M10 Bolts:

Triumph, Kawasaki and some Yamaha motorcycles have a female threaded hole ready for this 1" ball with 1.25 pitch thread. Convenient located close to the brake clutch reservoir. Simple and neat.


5. Tough Claw

The tough claw is a new RAM product and has similar clamping dimensions as the U-bolt mentioned above. Made of high grade composite is it a quick easy on off base for any phone or GPS.