Could Tablets Make Classrooms Redundant?

Date Posted:26 August 2013 

Tablets could eventually result in most students studying remotely.

The trend towards remote learning began in the early 90s, when people became able to study degrees online.  While this training can be overpriced, the saturation of tablets in the market should eventually bring the cost down.

Mobile classrooms mean students can be brought together in a variety of locations such as museums, libraries or sports fields.  Students can enjoy a richer learning experience with photos, video, audio and Skype interactions blended into their off-site study.

The move to mobile learning could reduce the cost of education to students, particularly at tertiary level, where board and traditional tuition can be very expensive. Students can also save on the cost of cars, public transport and clothing.

However, there are downsides. A move to mobile education will increase the possibility of cheating on tests, destroy campus life and decrease in-person interaction between students and their peers.