Smartphone Watches

Date Posted:1 October 2013 

With the launch of the latest iPhone, and the announcement that Google glasses will be coming to Australia soon, it’s pretty clear that the world of high tech gadgets has many of us on the edge of our seats, eager to see what’s just around the corner.

Berlin’s annual IFA fair this year is banking on a new highlight this time around, putting hi-tech televisions on the back burner. It’s the introduction of smart watches on the market. These watches have screens no bigger than a matchbox, yet they are able to link to your smartphone using wireless technology.

You can do everything from check emails to find out the weather forecast and count how many steps you take in a day. The only downside is you will have to charge your watch every day or at least every few days.

Sony and Samsung are competing at the moment with their smart watches before the rumored iWatch launches sometime next year.

With so many smartphone gadgets and new smart gadget offerings it’s no wonder smartphones have become the centre of our personal universes.