Sena firmware 5.0 update

Date Posted:28 March 2014 

Sena has just made it easier than ever to have conversations on the road with their new firmware upgrade for the SMH10 Bluetooth headset. This new update features impressive enhancements to an already highly versatile product, improving on functionality and allowing for cross-band interoperability.

One of the key things that set Sena apart from their competitors is an ongoing dedication to offering frequent free firmware updates for their full product-line. They understand that because Bluetooth technology is constantly evolving, customers require ongoing support to ensure their headset experience remains top-notch.

Sena’s firmware version 5.0 introduces advanced noise control technology, supressing the sound of the wind with an intelligent Noise Gate which limits background noise while riding. The SMH10 now also features a Universal Intercom system which has been engineered to work seamlessly with Sena and other Bluetooth headsets that support the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP).  This means it can interact with smartphone operating systems, GPS units, and most motorcycle Bluetooth-enabled devices. The update also features the introduction of a new Sidetone function. Enabling it allows you to hear your own voice in the speakers, so you can monitor the conversation to make sure you’re speaking clearly.

Don’t own an SMH10? There’s no need to be jealous, as soon the version 5.0 firmware is going to be rolled out across Sena’s full product range, including the SMH10R, SPH10, SPH10H, SPH10H-FM, SMH5, SMH5-FM and Expand.