Sena 20S Bluetooth Headset review

Date Posted:20 February 2014 

Sena has just released a brand new motorcycle Bluetooth communication headset, and it’s a step up from the SMH10 in almost every way. Setting aside the enhancements to audio quality and reliability, the Sena 20S also boasts multiple features which are industry firsts.

Complementing its newly redesigned, easy-to-use ‘Jog Dial’, the 20S introduces two internal Bluetooth controllers which offer an ‘Audio Multitasking Feature’. This means no more having to distractedly switch between incoming and outgoing audio while speeding down the highway. Instead the intercom system seamlessly blends music, GPS and phone calls, lowering the song volume into the background so you can easily hear the next set of directions.

Voice commands have also been built in to allow a hands-free experience while riding. You can control the radio, make a call, or input a new GPS destination with simple spoken directives; all while listening to music and having intercom conversations with other riders. The Bluetooth functionality is also universal, allowing it to interface with every other Bluetooth headset on the market, as well as offering full backwards compatibility with other Sena products

The headset’s bike-to-bike intercom has a working distance that stretches up to a muscular 2.4 km, and thanks its HD-quality conferencing system it can easily handle long-range conversations with more than five companions. Every word you say will come through crystal-clear, thanks to advanced noise cancelling technology which can muffle the roar of the wind, without distorting the sound of your voice. Perfect for group-rides, the 13-hour battery life ensures your discussions will never be cut short again.

With its robust host of industry first features and intuitive design, the Sena 20S is going to be one of must-have motorcycle accessories for 2014.