Phonebloks: A Phone Made of Lego-Like Blocks

Date Posted:4 November 2013 

Phonebloks is an innovative new design that aims to significantly reduce the number of smartphones ending up in landfill, reports The Huffington Post.

Currently when users buy a new phone, they often throw away their earlier model. Designer Dave Hakkens felt this was wasteful, especially since the old phone contains many good functional components, such as speakers and bluetooth. He saw this as overkill given that the reason for buying a new phone is usually that only one or two components are broken or outdated.

To address the issue, Hakkens developed a Lego-style, block smartphone in which the various components are arranged in an easy to assemble and replace configuration. Instead of discarding the entire phone, users can simply replace components when needed. The phone is held together using a pegboard style foundation with a replaceable screen attached to the front.

Hakkens hopes the design will significantly reduce smartphone waste and allow users to prioritise the components that matter to them.