Why You Should Take Your iPad on Holidays

Date Posted:30 October 2012 

Whatever kind of holiday you’re planning, don’t forget to pack your iPad. It’s your communication and entertainment device, travel guide and trip recorder all in one lightweight, slimline package.


If you’re travelling by car to your destination, your iPad will keep the kids entertained with hours and hours of movies and games. If you’re going by plane, you can entertain yourself in-flight or finish off those loose ends from work. And if you have a few flights to catch, there’s a handy app called Flight Tracker that you can bring up on your iPad. It’ll keep you posted on flight times and delays and even show you a map of whatever airport you’re in.


If you’re holidaying overseas, your iPad can use Google Maps to guide you through unfamiliar streets. You can also call up foreign language dictionaries if there’s a communication problem, and check on bus and train timetables, cheap places to stay and the best places to eat along the way. One thing to remember in foreign countries, though, is not to draw too much attention to your iPad in the street, as it would make a tempting target for an opportunistic thief.


While the built-in iPad camera is basic, it’s a great way to snap pics on the go and post them instantly on Facebook or Twitter. The iPad also has a connection where you can plug in your regular digital camera and view your snaps in brilliant colour. The latest iPad even has a video recorder, so you can record those special moments on your travels and then edit them using any of the editing apps available from iTunes.


When you get to where you’re going, you may like to kick back on the beach or under a tree and read one of the books you downloaded to your iPad before leaving. You can also listen to your favourite music while sipping cocktails by the sea, or catch up with the news from home. However, you should remember that your iPad is a sensitive piece of equipment that doesn’t mix well with sand or water, so make sure it stays clean and dry wherever you are.


Your iPad lets you stay in touch with friends and loved ones during your holiday by email, Facebook, Twitter or any of the other ways you normally communicate online. You can also install Skype and hold a videoconference on your iPad -- a great way to make your friends jealous, when they see the awesome location you’re in.


If you’re going to be away from mains power for a while, it’s a good idea to invest in some portable power. An Energiser portable charger will charge your iPad (and your iPhone) wherever you happen to be. You just juice it up before you leave home and then plug your devices into it while you’re on holiday to keep them charged and ready for use.

Next time you pack your swimmers and sunscreen and head off for some fun in the sun, don’t forget to pack your iPad as well. With the power to entertain, inform, record and communicate, it’s the ultimate holiday companion.