Modern Phone Accessories We Can’t Live Without

Date Posted:30 September 2012 

Mobile phone accessories are all those gadgets and gizmos that aren’t part of your mobile’s original features -- everything from cases, chargers and headsets to batteries and cables. This article looks at those accessories that everyone now seems to consider essential for everyday mobile phone use.

Phone case

This is the number one must-have accessory. If you want to protect your phone from knocks, bumps and scratches, a phone case is the first thing you would buy after purchasing your new mobile phone. Cases can be either soft or hard, come in a huge variety of colours and styles, and are made from materials such as silicone, leather, plastic and rubber.

Because cases only protect the body of the phone and not the all-important screen, many people also purchase a clear plastic screen protector, which adheres to the screen and shields it from dust and scratches.


This is another essential accessory. Chargers come in a range of types depending on the application, from wall chargers used at home to portable chargers, car chargers and even solar chargers for portable power from the sun.

Most new mobiles usually come with an AC charger, so if you use your mobile a lot on the go, you would probably also buy a car charger or portable universal battery charger of some kind. Others opt for a universal charging dock, where the phone sits in an upright position while charging, making it less likely to get scratched, dropped or sat on.


While not an essential mobile accessory, more and more phone users are purchasing Bluetooth headsets because of the freedom they offer to users. A headset allows you to talk while driving or doing other things, without having to constantly hold the phone to your ear. Music lovers can also crank up the volume on their smartphones without annoying those around them. However, headsets can be dangerous if you don’t pay careful attention to traffic and what’s going on around you at all times.

USB cable

Some new mobile phones come with a USB cable included, but if yours doesn’t then you would be well advised to purchase one. A USB cable allows you to plug your mobile into your computer in order to download pictures you have taken with your phone or upload music you want to listen to on your phone. USB cables are relatively cheap and are a must-have accessory for every mobile phone.

Extra battery

If your job or lifestyle means you’re out and about with limited access to a charger, then having an extra battery -- preferably an extended life battery -- is well worth the money. Because of all the battery-hungry tasks they perform, smartphones aren’t renowned for their long battery life, so when your phone gets low, you can just swap the batteries over and away you go. Extended life batteries are about twice as thick as normal batteries, so they come with a replacement cover for your phone that allows for this extra width.