Essential Add-ons for Your Smartphone

Date Posted:30 November 2012 

Smartphones are awesome tools, providing communication, information and entertainment wherever you are, but these portable power houses do have some limitations. Fortunately, they are being overcome by the development of innovative add-ons such as these:

Bluetooth keyboard

While a smartphone is fine for typing and sending short text messages, if you need to type anything more than a few lines, using the virtual keyboard can become something of a chore. This is where the Bluetooth keyboard comes in. This is a full-size wireless keyboard that pairs via Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet and allows you to type normally, as on a computer, with the text appearing on your smartphone’s screen.

External speakers

Like its keyboard limitations, the smartphone’s built-in audio capabilities are also somewhat limited, so the creation of portable Bluetooth-enabled speakers is a welcome development. Whereas motorcycle Bluetooth pairs your phone with a headset, these speakers produce up to 85 decibels of high-quality external audio, whether it’s for music playback or for a virtual conference -- in which case, they’re also available with a built-in microphone.

Camera lenses

Smartphone cameras are getting better all the time, but are still somewhat limited in the quality of images and video they produce, particularly with close-ups and wide-angle shots. This makes add-on lenses a great idea. Made to fit over the smartphone’s camera lens, they can dramatically improve the quality of your still images and videos, and they’re very reasonably priced as well.

Portable projector

If you own an iPhone, this one will also improve your photo and video experience. Sharing your snaps or videos with other people is pretty difficult on your phone’s tiny screen, so Apple has come up with a pocket projector. You just turn it on, aim it at any blank surface -- such as a wall or tabletop -- and there’s your video playing in full colour for your audience to enjoy. A great idea for doing business presentations on the go as well.

Screen protector

This is another one for iPhone users. Apple’s privacy filter/screen protector attaches over your iPhone screen to prevent nosey people seeing what you are up to. With the protector in place, the phone’s display in only visible if you look at it straight on. Viewed from any other angle, it’s invisible; a great idea to safeguard against information and identity theft.

Key chain locator

Smartphones are expensive items, so losing one can really hurt your back pocket. One way to avoid this is by purchasing a neat add-on called a key chain locator. As the name suggests, the device clips onto your key chain and connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone, using one of the free apps available online for this purpose. If you misplace your phone, just tap the locator’s screen and your smartphone will begin chirping loudly, helping you to track it down. Also, if you go outside a specified range, the connector will sound an alarm to warn you that you have left your smartphone behind.