Essential Phone Accessories for Your Motorcycle Trip

Date Posted:13 June 2018 

You’re about to take the bike for a day trip. You run through your must-have list:

  • iPhone -- check
  • Sena Helmet -- check
  • Portable Charger -- check

And then you’re off. You pull out onto the highway and open her up. Your favourite music starts coming through your Sena headset from your iPhone. It’s a beautiful day and the world is waiting to be explored.

You speak into the microphone on your headset. “Call Karen!” There is a pause and Karen comes on the line. You tell her you’re going for a ride and ask her if she wants to come. She says yes and you agree to stop by her house and pick her up in five. She hangs up and the music takes over again.

Five minutes later, your friend has her Bluetooth headset on and her arms around your waist, as you head back out onto the highway.

You ask Karen if she’s comfortable and she says she’s fine. Her voice is crystal clear over the intercom, as if you are having a normal conversation. She hums along to the music.

You pull into a servo to fill up and pull out your iPhone. Better check the weather. You bring up your WeatherBug app and it gives you the local weather. Fine and sunny. Perfect.

You bring up your Road Finder app and it pinpoints your exact location through GPS tracking. You punch in your destination and it plots the best route. Plain sailing.

You take off again, but as you approach an intersection, a car suddenly cuts you off and you put the bike down. Karen is unhurt, but there’s a deep gash in the paintwork on the front fork of the bike. The driver is apologetic and you exchange numbers. You bring up your Car Incident Assistant app and take photos of the damage, log your location through GPS and record the driver’s details. The insurance company can take care of the rest.

You accelerate off at speed but the Trapster app on your iPhone alerts you of a speed trap up ahead. You slow down and, sure enough, there it is. You cruise past and then open her up again. Smooth sailing from here on.

An hour’s ride and you reach the coast. You and Karen walk down to the sea and spread a blanket on the sand. Your iPhone is indicating the battery is getting low, so you pull out your portable solar charger and plug it in. Five hours should just about do it. A swim, a snooze and something to eat and it’ll be time to head home. Another perfect road trip, thanks to these great technologies:

  • iPhone -- Apple touchscreen smartphone with camera, video, media player, email, text, voicemail and web browsing
  • Bluetooth Headset -- Motorcycle Bluetooth headset that connects tpo your helmet. Allows the wearer to connect with and utilise other devices via wireless
  • Portable Charger -- portable device for charging mobile phones using solar energy
  • WeatherBug -- iPhone app providing local, real-time weather information via a global weather network
  • Road Finder -- iPhone app that plots your route for you via GPS and presents it using Google Maps
  • Car Incident Assistant -- iPhone app that lets you log details and location of traffic incidents for insurance purposes
  • Trapster -- iPhone app that provides worldwide locations of known speed cameras and traps