Multifunctional Headphones Double as Solar Phone Charger

Date Posted:29 July 2013 

A Kickstarter-funded project is developing multifunctional headphones that double as solar phone chargers. The OnBeat Solar Headphones will come with stylish solar panels fitted over the headband, and can be used to charge smartphones even while the user is listening to music.

The solar panels will have a recharge capacity of 0.55W, which will probably be sufficient to maintain the power level in a smartphone battery rather than to have it fully recharged. However, developer Andrew Anderson suggests that his headphones will be able to provide a full battery recharge for phones.

The headphone set can recharge its own batteries when it is not being used to power up a smartphone. Sound quality will be superior, with 40mm audio drivers, frequency response of 20hz to 20,000Khz, sensitivity of 100 +/- 3dB, and impedance of 32 +/- 10% Ohms.

The OnBeat Solar Headphones listing on Kickstarter allow early bird reservations. The price is £69 (about AU$113) plus £20 (AU$33) for shipping, and the item is scheduled for release in February 2014.