The Next iPhone?

Date Posted:22 August 2013 

Apple is rumoured to be unveiling its next version of the iPhone on September 10.

Many are predicting we’ll see the iPhone 5S.  Apple has a habit of maintaining its basic shape for at least two generations, such as with 3G/3GS. New features could include improved internals and other minor software tweaks.

Faster processing, longer lasting battery power and an improved camera are also expected.  A fingerprint scanner may also be included, given that Apple purchased a company that specialises in the technology around 12 months ago.

Another prediction is that we’ll see the iPhone 5C, a budget version of the phone. Given Android’s aggressive assault on Apple’s market share using lower cost phones, Apple may respond with a lower priced alternative of its own.

Apple may also announce new initiatives to do with an iWatch, although many analysts think this project is too early in its development for Apple to be revealing much about it.