Ipad headrest mounts for kids’ holiday entertainment suit all sized tablets

Date Posted:17 December 2013 

Summer is upon us and anyone with a young family will be keen to know how to keep the young’ens occupied on those long-haul road trips.  Nothing is more distracting than backseat squabbling.  Fortunately, the flat panel screen on their favourite mobile device proves to be mighty arresting in that regard.

Enter the car headrest mount for kids’ holiday entertainment.

The latest mounts are beauties, which firmly attach to the seat headrest, to provide the optimum viewing angle, so that your young restrained passengers will not suffer from neck fatigue, yet will still be able to take in the passing view, as well as give you their attention when needed.

Talented and versatile, the best car headrest mounts are well thought out units, made to suit all sized tablets of any breed – and that’s important – as fashions and functionality are apt to change at a moments notice in the electronics market.

The main thing to keep in mind is to purchase with quality in mind.  Forget the monkey-see look-alikes; better quality units have good design built in.   Choose a reliable brand where every aspect is an engineered solution, and made so it’s built to last.  You really get just what you pay for, so the better examples will be made from materials such as high quality aluminium and carbon fibre.  These are materials of proven strength, lightness and reliability, and not found in cheapie knock-offs.

The best examples of bracket technology incorporate thoughtful ergonomic design, which directly translates to comfort, to match to your postural needs, while providing improved productivity, by allowing hands-free operation.  Let’s face it, as light as they are, tablets are no fun to cradle in your hands for the entire duration of a movie.  Whether you’re surfing the net or reading a novel on your Kindle, you’ll immediately appreciate the difference of this kind of hands-free operation.

Don’t be fooled by their light weight – the best brands are robustly constructed for durability.  It also pays to deal with a supplier who has evaluated their product range in terms of best value for money.  Look for headrest mounts that feature an infinite range of movement.  As a clue, they will be equipped with dual locked gimbal mounts – some will also have an articulated arm for even greater versatility.  A typical high-end offering will have quick release claws capable of holding a wide range of electronic pads, from 18 to 28cm – (that’s 7” – 11” inches in the old money).  These mounts will hold your device securely but enable quick release, so that they always move with you, when you want them.

Being double jointed enables the mount to provide the best viewing angle for passengers of any age, another important flexibility, to satisfy the needs of your backseat guests.

If you thought that the iPad and its cousins were an advance in mobile connectivity, you’ll love the benefit of tethering those units – so that you can both enjoy them – and get on with your life, at the same time.  It is another great example of how a seemingly simple thing can improve our lifestyle.