How To Turn Your iPhone Into a Sound System

Date Posted:5 November 2013 

Rather than being thrown away, an old iPhone should be given a new life as part of a sound system - and Gizmodo can show you how.

An iPhone can be turned into a wireless receiver for $3 and connected to a stereo or speakers. Users can then channel wireless music from any source into their phone.

A leading solution for this task is the WiFi2HiFi. It gets around the fact that iPhones cannot independently act as remote AirPlay receivers, unlike Android based phones.

The modification can be handled in a couple of minutes and then music stored on a Mac can easily be fed into the iPhone. The system can play music from iTunes, Pandora, Spotify or any other channel that a Mac can work with.

WiFi2HiFi can be purchased from the app store for $2.99. While it does cost money, it's far cheaper than the other alternatives such as Apple's official solution, the Airport Express, which costs $99.