New Headsets Ideal For Motorcyclists

Date Posted:20 August 2013 

Isolation can be a major problem for motorcyclists, especially when wanting to speak to a passenger or other cyclist. Headsets such as the SMH10R and SMH10 by Sena provide a good quality solution.

Many headsets struggle with playing music clearly inside a helmet, and can be distracting rather than relaxing to the rider. The Sena headsets provide a soothing welcome voice and deliver music more clearly than any other system on the market, according to reviewer Nick Goddard.

Connected to your Smartphone via Bluetooth, the SMH10R delivers clear sound, though the bass is a bit lacking. Calls are also clearer. Both headsets fit into the helmet easily and can be installed in around ten minutes.

The SMH10 is straightforward to use, even while wearing gloves. The interface is intuitive and the system is easy to turn on and off using simple rotating movements. The SMH10R is harder to operate with gloves on, but has other advantages. It’s smaller, thinner and lighter than the SMH10.

The sound can be increased on both headsets to very high levels, which is important given the noise generated by most motorcycles at high speeds.