GoPro external microphone now wireless with SENA Bluetooth Pack for GoPro

Date Posted:11 February 2014 

GoPro is the generic name in action image recording.  Tie it to a rocket, strap it to a racecar, or monitor nature at a discreet distance; you can be sure your GoPro will record the action, delivering sound and images that only a first person presence would give.

While the robust little video camera does take great shots, it’s one disadvantage has been very ordinary audio quality – until now that is.  But if Darwin is right about the survival of the fittest, the go-anywhere action-cam has found a new best friend.

Innovative mobile device maker, SENA, have created an amazing Bluetooth powered gadget that fits the GoPro like a glove.  The Bluetooth Pack for GoPro makes a great product even more versatile.  A single drawback of the GoPro has been its built-in microphone.  Ambient sounds – motor noise and the blasting rush of wind – drown out anything a user says.  So, audio dubbing was a post-production chore and impromptu perceptions where often lost.

SENA’s Bluetooth Pack changes all that, giving the opportunity to sync any Bluetooth enabled headset and microphone to the camera, adding crystal clear commentary to images – as the action takes place.

It is not hard to imagine that synced, detached audio, could hail the golden age of the road movie.  “Easy Rider” was made for $600,000: with the GoPro, a worthy short road video could be produced for peanuts.  Now, a motorcyclist (and even the pillion passenger, using the intercom feature) can take the GoPro out for a blast, while giving a running commentary in real-time.  Better that that, the slim Bluetooth Pack is lightweight and clamps snugly to the GoPro, in the same form factor.  It’s powerful too, with an incredible range that’ll pick up a synced microphone from as far as 100 meters away.

Such a gizmo could easily be attached to the helmet of a rock climber to chronicle a group ascent of a tough climb. Imagine the views and the team action commentary!

Leaving the camera positioned in a hide, you can do a “David Attenborough”, filming wildlife frolic up close to the camera, while providing commentary from a safe distance.

A waterproof casing takes SENA where it is wet and wild too.  It’ll record audio from anywhere sound can be made.

We’ve all seen film shot from the wingtip or landing gear of a plane.  Once, only Hollywood had the tools to achieve this.  Now, affordable pro-quality tools allow anyone to produce visually thrilling images.

SENA’s Bluetooth Pack enables superior quality audio, adding a human element to any sport or action pursuit.