Coalition Pledges to Fix Mobile Black Spots in Danger Areas

Date Posted:31 August 2013 

The Coalition has pledged to fix mobile phone black spots in areas prone to fire and flood.

The $100 million commitment will be spent over four years and would involve building mobile towers in remote areas currently prone to serious natural disasters.

The money will also be spent in areas where networks are currently overwhelmed by seasonal tourist surges, as well as along major transport routes and in smaller communities.

The Coalition says that many Australians still cannot access good mobile reception. The poor connections put lives at risk, with many in bushfire areas unable to receive mobile warnings.

The Country Fire Authority found that there was poor to non-existent mobile coverage in the Mornington Peninsula area. The area is one of Victoria’s most bushfire-prone areas, and the existing mobile networks could buckle under the weight of summer tourism.

The Coalition hopes that the money it invests will be matched by mobile service providers.