Apple Prevents Unauthorised Use of Lightning Cables

Date Posted:9 November 2013 

In an attempt to prevent fatal electrocutions, Apple has blocked the use of third party Lightning cables with the iOS7, according to Phone Arena.

The move may be driven by reports of deadly shocks that have occurred with the iPhone and iPad. Flight attendant Ma Ai Lun was killed when she answered her iPhone 5 while it was plugged into an outlet with an unauthorised charger. A man also ended up in a coma after being shocked by his iPhone 4, while another was sent flying across the room after touching his daughter's iPad.

Apple has launched a trade-in offer in which it will sell an authorised charger for $10 to anyone who brings in an unauthorised charger. The offer is available in a range of countries including Australia, China, the U.S and Japan.

There are currently hacks that allow dangerous cables to still be used with the iOS7. Apple is expected to address these in future updates.