New App Tracks Driver Smiles

Date Posted:24 August 2013 

Volkswagen and Google have launched a new Android app to make driving more fun.

The app connects via Bluetooth to in-car devices and rewards the driver for achievements such as going on holiday or driving while it’s particularly cold. The app also keeps a record of the trip and allows users to easily tag their friends, make comments and share their journey with others. At the end of the trip, data from the entire journey is converted into an easy to share video.

The app automatically interacts with the vehicle and so doesn’t need to be activated each time the driver starts their journey.

Drivers are given a SmileScore at the end of their journey depending on where they are, how far they travelled, the weather and other factors. Drivers can also access stickers by completing certain tasks.

Users should remember to keep their phone charged given the power drain of the app’s continual interaction with the car.