Android 4.3 Delivers a Range of New Features

Date Posted:28 August 2013 

Google’s newly announced Android 4.3 Jelly Bean delivers users a range of new and improved features.

1. Faster operation

Android 4.3 employs vysnc timing, triple buffering and improved rendering to run faster than ever before.

2. Better user profiles

Android improves its restricted profile system, with tablet owners able to easily create separate environments for different users. Privileges can be managed in more detail, making it ideal for groups of friends, public kiosks and point of sale.

3. Better parental controls

Owners can use the restricted profiles to make only certain apps available to their children. Access to the owner’s account from the restricted account is disabled by default.

4. Improved graphics

The graphics are enhanced by the improved renderer and the GPU also places a lower processing demand on the system by optimising the flow of commands.

5. Bluetooth capacity

Android 4.3 is designed to interact with Bluetooth Smart enabled devices, opening new opportunities for app developers and entrepreneurs.