4G to Cover 85% of Australians by Christmas

Date Posted:14 October 2013 

Telstra is planning to expand its 4G reach to cover 85% of users by Christmas.

This is in response to demand by customers for faster mobile access, particularly driven by video streaming.

Over 200 regional towns and popular holiday spots such as Margaret River and Latrobe will be included in the expansion plans.

Telstra has currently released 33 4G handsets in Australia and said that many customers are enjoying the very fast speeds its network offers. It said it now wishes to extend that experience to more of its customers.

Telstra now has 27 4G devices still in circulation, which is the largest of any Australian provider. Over 2,000 base stations have been deployed for 4G services in capital cities and some regional areas.

Customers enjoy the service on smartphones, tablets and other devices. By the end of June, 4G was available to 66% of Australian users and had been established in over 100 regional centres.