2018 Best Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Helmet

Bluetooth technology gets better and better. Clearer audio; more reliable wireless connections; sleeker, less bulky headsets. All these improvements are things that motorcyclists have seen recently as the latest Bluetooth headsets have hit the market. Whether you are looking for a way to listen to music while on the go or want to communicate with your riding mates, here are the best Bluetooth headsets currently available for motorcyclists.

  • Sena 30K: Back in 2016, Sena’s 20S headset was the gold standard for motorcycle use. Today, the 30K has usurped that title, thanks largely to its mesh-networking capabilities. Mesh-networking technology means that the Sena 30K lets you stay connected with your riding crew even if one or more riders go out of range. Other features—such as fast charging, excellent battery life, seamless multi-tasking, and smart hands-free voice commands—make the 30K the best motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset ever.
    Intercom Distance – 2.0km (Bluetooth) 8km (mesh)
  • Sena 20S-EVO: The 20S-EVO is the next generation of the already-superb Sena 20S. The main upgrade is a redesigned shark fin antenna, which offers a sleeker aesthetic while also improving intercom stability and distance. The headset allows for connections with eight other riders, a range of two kilometres, HD audio and an Advanced Noise Control feature that cuts out ambient noise.
    Intercom Distance – 2km
  • Sena 10S: The Sena 10S is a slightly less expensive Bluetooth motorcycle headset that still offers much of the great performance you would expect from any Sena product. The range is 1.6 kilometres, and the headset allows for communication with up to four other riders. Bluetooth 4.1 technology ensures high audio clarity and reliable connection.
    Intercom Distance – 1.6km 
  • Sena SMH5 Multicam: Though it’s now on the older end of the spectrum as far as motorcycle helmet headsets, the Sena SMH5 Multicam is still a popular standby on the market. Revolutionary at release for its easy clamp-on design, the SMH5 Multicam remains one of the most intuitive headsets on the market. Four-way intercom and seven hours of talk time make it no slouch in the communication department, either.
    Intercom Distance – 700m
  • Sena 10R-10: With a range of 900-metre range, a four-way intercom and a convenient handlebar remote system, the Sena 10R-10 is a convenient and easy-to-use option for smaller motorcycle crews. A universal intercom means it can connect to virtually any other Bluetooth headset on the market.
    Intercom Distance – 900m

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