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The excitement of riding a motorbike comes with careful considerations and challenges. The feeling of having nothing between you and the open road is certainly exhilarating, but it can also make things louder and increase the need for you to stay focused at all times. This can make communication more difficult than it would be if you were sitting in a quiet cabin, shielded from the roaring wind beyond your windows. Still, there are times when you’ll need to place a call or speak with other riders in your group, and you may not always have the time or ability to pull over for the conversation. In such cases, it’s worth looking at a few pieces of technology that can help you speak and listen clearly without taking your attention off the road.



Fortunately, many motorcycle helmets are being made with hands-free headsets these days. The question is, how can you find the right one for you? To make sure you’re purchasing a quality product, ask yourself a couple of questions: Will the helmet you’re looking at be comfortable over long journeys? Will it block ambient noise so that you can focus on your call? Finally, the most important question for any helmet is: will it protect you adequately? Any intercom-equipped helmet you shop for should satisfy all of these requirements. You may also be able to find a separate headset that allows for easy installation in a helmet you already own.

Sena: Smart Helmets and Quality Headsets

One of the best helmet and headset brands on the market currently is Sena. A smart helmet or headset by Sena is a safe, reliable piece of technology that can make communicating on the road much easier for bikers. In most cases, a Sena smart helmet comes equipped with features that allow for four-way intercom conversations with other users, FM radio compatibility and Bluetooth technology for connecting to supported smartphones. Sena smart helmets are also made from top of the line fibreglass, which allows them to offer serious protection to wearers. Sena also makes smart headset options, which can easily be added to certain existing helmets for the same communication options.


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One of the best ways to purchase a Sena smart headset or helmet in Australia is to contact Mr Mobile. We’re a mobile accessory retailer that has sold some of the industry’s highest-quality gear since we started in 1987, and in the years since then, we’ve developed an excellent reputation amongst our customers. People shop with us because we offer fast and secure shipping on all our products and because we provide friendly, professional customer service at all times. We also happen to carry a broad range of Sena products for bikers who want clear, safe and comfortable communication during their travels. For more information, call us and speak with someone on our staff today who can answer your questions.