The Sena Bluetooth Headset: A Smart Helmet That Will Change the Way You Bike

Riding a motorcycle is a singularly thrilling experience. It’s just you and the open road—most of the time, anyway. However, there are certain moments when you’ll need to communicate with other people, even in the middle of a ride. If you need to make an urgent call, or if you’re biking in a group and need to speak to someone for a moment, you’ll want to be able to do so without having to pull over and put your trip on hold. For this reason, several hands-free headset options exist specifically for motorcycle riders. However, choosing a bike intercom or headset can require a bit of research to determine the ideal product for your needs.



Several factors should be weighed carefully when selecting a headset. Comfort is important because you don’t want a bulky microphone tickling your chin or poking you in the face when you need to concentrate on the road ahead of you. You might be on a long trip, and stopping to adjust your helmet continuously will be almost as inconvenient as pulling over every time you need to talk to someone. Safety is important too—you want to find a headset that doesn’t impede your ability to wear a helmet or prevent your helmet from sitting on your head properly. Finally, call quality is crucial because you’ll want to hear the person you’re talking with clearly despite noise from the road outside.

How the Sena Bluetooth Smart Helmet Provides Advantages to Riders

The Sena Bluetooth headset is one of the finest motorcycle intercom systems available today. Many Sena products offer complete Bluetooth integration in high quality fibreglass shells, allowing their helmets to fit correctly and eliminating inconvenient protuberances. Buy a Sena Bluetooth helmet, and you’ll be able to ride in comfort and safety while enjoying crystal clear sound quality, thanks to state of the art filters that prevent ambient noise from interfering with your calls. Intercoms supporting up to four riders at once, FM radio compatibility and Bluetooth pairing with supported mobile devices are standard features of these world class helmets. Separate headsets can also be purchased for easy installation on other helmets.


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Purchasing Your Headset or Helmet Easily

You can acquire a Sena Bluetooth smart headset or helmet by contacting Mr Mobile, a company that has supplied Australian riders with quality mobile accessories since we first opened for business in 1987. Our staff is passionate about helping our customers find the best accessories for their devices, and we’re always happy to learn more about your equipment so that we can recommend a quality supporting product. We make shipping an easy matter too, with security guarantees and options for fast delivery throughout Australia. Shop with us, and you’ll receive your Sena Bluetooth smart helmet or headset quickly. Less time waiting for delivery means more time hitting the road! For additional details on prices, policies and the range of Sena products we carry, contact us directly at your earliest convenience.