Sena 3s Lets You Stay Connected with Riding Partner



For the second time this year, you have fallen in love. You were sure your heart was complete when you bought the cruiser of your dreams, then you met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Your better half loves riding as much as you do; sometimes you ride together to a pre-planned destination, sometimes you follow each other foraging adventures through the Outback. You can’t believe that you have found this dream companion, but when riding, you can’t hear each other. The classic Sena 3s headset for motorcycles combines Bluetooth technology and an intercom system making it the perfect communication tool for leisure riding. Sena 3s’ two-way intercom allows you to chat with your riding partner within a range of 200 meters. With dual phone pairing capabilities, the Sena 3s lets both riders make and receive calls and listen to music from your library.


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