Sena 10u Internalized System for Helmet Brands



You strongly believe the motto: a place for everything and everything in its place and therefore prefer things tidy and cannot stand clutter. While you have been riding motorcycles for years, your daughter has recently taken an interest, so you hesitantly bought her a bike to join you on your long cruises along the coast. You want her to be safe and able to communicate with you if needed, so you’re in the market for an intercom/phone system, yet so far you have found bulky attachments that make you cringe. The Sena 10u provides all the time-trusted features of Sena communication systems in a neat tucked away helmet style. Come down to Mr Mobile in Alexandria to see multiple Sena 10u system styles customised to fit the leading helmet manufacturers, or browse our online store. Established at the beginning of mainstream mobile communications in 1987, we offer exceptional customer support in person and over the phone and are happy to lend our expertise and advise on the perfect communication system and other electronic accessories for your recreational vehicles.


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Sena 10u’s handsfree headset has a two-button control system for easy access even in gloves. Enjoy 4-way intercom conversations at a range of up to 1.6km or utilise 4.1 Bluetooth capabilities to sync with your Android of iPhone to take and make calls or listen to your music library. Sena 10u is equipped with an FM radio dial and allows pre-set programming of 10 stations providing up to 10 hours of music listening. Advanced audio distribution and noise control features amplify the sounds you want while tuning out the sounds you don’t and 3-hour charging gets you back on the road quickly.