Restore your driving soundtrack with Sena 10r



After years of consideration, you have finally ditched your petrol-guzzling truck for a sleek, petrol-efficient motorcycle. It’s everything you hoped for, and while you love the engine rumbling between your legs, you miss listening to your favourite tunes and find the silence particularly awkward when you bring along a passenger, so you go hoarse from trying to scream over the engine. The Sena 10r is your low-profile solution for music and communication for your bike. Give us a call, or come down to Mr Mobile in Alexandria to discuss all your communication options for your motorcycle and other recreational vehicles. Mr Mobile, established in 1987, carries the full line of Sena products and is the industry leader in electronic mobile accessories.


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The Sena 10r supports 4-way intercom communication at a range of up to 900 meters. It is equipped with an FM dial and Bluetooth 4.1 technology able to sync with iPhone and Android models. Universal intercom and Bluetooth connections allow you to sync non-Bluetooth or Sena branded devices to the Sena 10r making it ideal for music sharing. The Sena 10r comes with two-button helmet control and can be bundled with a handlebar remote which provides easy navigation between intercom, music, and GPS. Its sleek design is lightweight and attaches to your helmet. We love gadgets and are excited to share our knowledge with you. Chat with our experienced Mr Mobile team who will provide excellent advice and guidance on how to optimise your recreational vehicle.