Looking for a Holder to Keep Your Phone Steady? Buy RAM Holders or Mounts in Australia

Smartphone technology is becoming more detailed and intricate with each passing year, but there are some developments that we’d still like to see. For example, while phones are getting faster and displays are getting larger, they aren’t necessarily becoming more durable. With a few exceptions, it’s still too easy to smash, dent or scratch your device by dropping it from a short distance above the ground. Even letting your phone slip off the dashboard when you’re in the car can cause damage—not to mention, distract you from the road while you’re feeling around for it near your feet. Despite this, many Australians use certain features of their phone while they’re behind the wheel: GPS, hands-free calling, music, etc. If you’re one of those people, you can maximise your safety and protect your phone by keeping it secure throughout your travels.



How can you hold your phone in place securely when driving? It might seem like a challenge, especially if you’re moving through areas where roads are bumpy, and inclines are steep. However, there’s an easy way to keep your mobile technology safe and secure in the car: hold it in place with a phone mount. High quality phone mounts can prevent your phone from sliding or falling so that you can use important hands-free features while on the road. As a result, you can expect your phone to last longer and your attention to stay focused on the drive ahead.

The Advantage to Using RAM Mounts in Australia

One of the best brands for phone mounts in Australia is RAM. A mount from this well-known brand is guaranteed to provide stability when you drive since they use a patented system of sockets and adjustment points to keep your phone where you want it. Not only will a RAM holder keep your phone from falling; it will hold it at the exact angle you need. The precision a RAM holder affords makes it even easier to access the apps and features you need while driving safely.


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Purchase Your RAM Holder from Mr Mobile

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Choose the right gear for your next trip, and make sure your smartphone will always be safe while you focus on driving. Contact Mr Mobile today and ask us about our RAM phone mounts, or browse our online store and find comprehensive details about everything we sell. We’re looking forward to showing you the best way to take care of your phone.