Reasons to Purchase a RAM Motorcycle Phone or GPS Mount for Your Next Trip

There are few things more freeing and inspiring than riding a motor bike across Australia. The incredible countryside delights the eyes, while the surge of power from the bike beneath you provides visceral thrills and excitement. If you’re an avid biker, you already know that riding is a rush you can’t experience any other way. However, if you’ve never biked across the country before, you may need to consider practical matters in addition to thrill-seeking: for instance, how to get your bearings and stay on course throughout your travels.



Of course, modern smartphone technology makes it easy to find out where you are at any given moment, but that’s not the issue. The question is how to access your phone when you’re on your bike. Taking one hand off the handlebars to pull it out of your pocket as you’re moving at speed is probably not the safest idea—and besides, you don’t want to drop your device onto the highway. Instead, you ought to look for a way to mount your phone securely on your bike so that you can enjoy certain features without worrying about drops or distractions.

Finding the perfect motorcycle phone mount can be a bit confusing since there are plenty of varieties out there. However, it helps when you can narrow your search down to a couple of reliable brands, such as RAM. Buying a motorcycle phone mount or a GPS mount by this highly regarded brand is one of the best ways to keep your mobile device securely fastened to the body of your bike for when you need it. Each RAM motorcycle mount is designed to keep your buttons accessible and uses patented technology to facilitate an almost unlimited range of adjustment options so that you can always view your device from the perfect angle.

Shopping for a RAM Motorcycle Mount in Australia

If you’re looking for a place to purchase a RAM motorcycle GPS or phone mount in Australia, why not shop with Mr Mobile? We’ve been around since 1987, and we’ve developed a well-earned reputation for selling top of the line mobile accessories to our many customers throughout the nation. When you choose to shop with us, you’ll have access to products from some of the industry’s leading brands, including RAM. We also offer fast and secure shipping across Australia, so that you can receive your products quickly and prepare for your travels without missing a beat.


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