Reasons to Use a RAM Phone Mount or iphone Holder in Australia

Smartphones are becoming increasingly necessary for everyday use, and many people don’t want to be away from their phones for even a few minutes. Additionally, the camera technology on many smartphones is getting better each year, creating an excellent opportunity for people to capture incredible images and videos without purchasing a GoPro or bulky video camera. The conveniences of mobile technology have inspired a growing number of people to start relying on their iPhone or Android phones to record their adventures. However, because your phone has so many other important functions and can be quite delicate, it’s crucial that you keep it protected when taking it into challenging environments.



For example: if you want to have your phone readily available while driving through rugged terrain, you’ll need a way to hold it in place. Avoid impact damage or a shattered screen by securing your phone above the dashboard instead of letting it rest on top and risking a fall when you hit a bump on the road. The best way to secure your phone is to use a high-quality phone mount. Purchasing an Android or iphone holder is an excellent way to make sure that your device will always be held in place, no matter what kind of driving conditions you experience.

For a phone mount that ranks among the world’s best, you’ll probably want to go with a RAM phone holder. A RAM phone mount uses a patented socket system that includes various adjustment points so that you can shift and tilt your phone to the ideal angle quickly. The versatility of RAM products makes them an excellent way to secure your smartphone, whether you purchase a RAM iphone mount or a phone holder for another kind of device. They are extremely secure, and meant to keep your phone in place despite even the bumpiest roads.

Where to Buy a Ram Phone Holder

Buying a RAM iphone holder or another kind of phone mount is the perfect way to keep your phone steady while playing music, using GPS functions, taking videos during your drive, or making calls. To purchase one, visit Mr Mobile, an Australian-owned company that has been supplying quality mobile accessories since 1987. Mr Mobile has a secure shipping policy that protects your goods while they’re in transit so that you can get your RAM equipment wherever you happen to be. We also offer quick and dedicated customer service, so that you can get recommendations or ask about a product without delay.


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Let Mr Mobile Help Keep Your Phone Secure

Make sure you have everything you need for your next road trip and take a RAM phone mount along for your mobile device. For more information about Mr Mobile, our RAM products, or anything else we sell, reach out to us today and ask to speak with someone on our staff. We’ll assist you with any questions on our products so that you can equip yourself with the right gear for your journey.