Three Reasons to Protect Your iPhone With a Phone Mount or Holder on Your Motorcycle

Customising your motorcycle is a big part of what makes riding one so much fun. It's your opportunity to put a stamp on the vehicle that says, "this is mine." Even if those tweaks are purely for your own benefit rather than to enhance the visual profile or performance of the bike, it's still a fun endeavour. So have you ever tried using a motorcycle phone mount? It can offer a big step up in convenience while also making it safer for you to follow directions on the road. What if you're worried about your phone falling out of the holder and hitting the ground, though? It's a normal concern, but with the right hardware from Mr Mobile, it's not one that should worry you.



We sell high-quality mounts by RAM, manufactured and assembled in the USA, so you know it's going to be reliable. Even so, it's OK to be sceptical about the idea of using a phone mount on your motorcycle, especially if you have a pricey device such as the iphone. That's why we've come up with three excellent reasons to consider using one at all. Consider these points and then ask yourself if mounting your iphone for easier access is what your bike needs next.

Why do you need a motorcycle phone mount?

First, using a motorcycle phone holder allows you to keep your phone in easy view at all times. This eliminates the need to take your iPhone out of a pocket and put it back each time you need it. More than that, it offers a way to use features of your phone, such as sat nav, completely hands-free. A quick glance at your mounted phone lets you know when to turn.

Second, you can continue using your phone even in inclement weather with the right phone mount. Without one, you might risk pulling your phone out in the rain, hoping it won't receive water damage while you check directions or a message. With the right motorcycle iPhone mount, that isn't a problem.

Finally, it’s an affordable option compared to what could happen if you lose or damage your phone due to something that occurred during a ride. With the best pricing in the industry, Mr Mobile presents a simpler way to keep your device safe. Secure in its holder; your phone won't have a chance to fall causing a cracked screen.


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For these reasons, using a motorcycle iphone holder just makes good sense. That doesn't mean you need to grab the first one you see off the shelf, though. Instead, Mr Mobile can help you find the ideal mount for your model of motorcycle. Making sure you've selected the right product is essential for ensuring a snug fit and a long-lasting mounting. Now, the elements won't stand a chance; your phone will stay protected and accessible. We provide full support over the phone, but if you'd like to see the products in person, we invite you to visit us at our Alexandria location. Otherwise, we're easy to reach - just dial (02) 8338 8558.