Introducing Sena 30k for Seamlessly Connected Group Riding



You spoke, Sena listened, and now Mr Mobile is offering pre-orders for the mobile communication system to revolutionise the group motorcycle riding experience. The Sena 30k, set for release in December 2017, runs on two simultaneous systems, Bluetooth 4.1 and Advanced Mesh-Network Technology, to provide smart, uninterrupted connections between up to 16 riders. Gone are the days of frustrating connection glitches when one rider goes out of range or needs to take a call. With these two networks running and accessed at the same time, individual riders can multitask with seamless connection thanks to the industry-defining features of the Sena 30k. The Sena 30k has a jaw-dropping range of 2km, and you can enjoy four hours of full use off only a 15-minute charge. Enjoy all the music, phone and GPS capabilities of earlier models as well as universal compatibility and attachments. For 30 years Mr Mobile has provided specialised advice on products to enhance mobile communication abilities, and we are very excited for the debut of Sena 30k.


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Mr Mobile, located in Alexandria, initially began distributing communication solutions for vehicles back in the 1980s to businesses and government agencies whose ability to stay connected was advantageous to their professional function. As technology progressed, we saw a need for safe mobile communication systems for the public market and expanded to include recreational vehicles. We’ll set you up with the Sena 30k complete with system warranty and full customer support. There’s nothing so versatile and powerful on the commercial market as the upcoming Sena 30k.