Lost Without Sat Nav? Mount Your iPhone or Android Phone with a Holder for Convenient Viewing

Can you remember a time back before smartphones put GPS navigation at everyone's fingertips? When you got lost, it could turn into a frustrating game involving folding and unfolding road maps and squinting at small lines to figure out your location. There was no guarantee you'd find the best way to your destination either. Today, devices such as the iphone make it easier than ever to move from Point A to Point B. That doesn't mean our problems are entirely over, though: without a car phone holder, you'll need to fumble around for your phone to set up your sat nav. That's not ideal — it can even be a safety risk.



At Mr Mobile, we bring you a wide selection of products so you can select a car iphone mount that lets you navigate, listen to music, and do more all with ease. With the RAM product line, you can add flexibility and durability. We all know that our cars can reach sweltering temperatures during the day time. It's important to choose a car mount that can stand up to these repeated temperature stresses. Plus, if you've ever struggled with a mount that wouldn't stay in place, you'll want something sturdy and reliable.

Factors to consider when choosing a car phone holder

How do you decide which mount is best for you? Consider where you want to fit your device. Do you want to play media for kids in the backseat while you drive? A rail-based headrest mount could be ideal — and it means you could install a tablet sized device, too. If you want to keep your phone closer by placing it on the dashboard or elsewhere near the driver, you have options there as well. We can provide a suction cup-based car phone mount by RAM for windshield mounting, or you can drill into your dash to provide rock-solid reliability.

Don't want to make such a serious modification? Choose an adhesive mount for a holder instead. It's up to you. Flexible arm mounts allow you to manoeuvre your phone into the position you want. Push your iphone away when you don't need it, or pull it closer when you need to check directions. The options at Mr Mobile are almost limitless; we're serious about giving our customers robust choices for using their smart devices on the move.


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Whether you use your iphone for sat nav, for hands-free calling, or for something else, you can trust your mount to stay strong and sturdy for years to come. Not sure which one will work best for your vehicle? The friendly team at Mr Mobile is ready to help walk you through the selection process. We have an extensive knowledge of the benefits of the products we sell, and we look forward to helping match you with the item that meets your requirements. To ask us questions, ring us today on (02) 8338 8558.