Mount Your iPhone on Your Boat and Protect It from the Elements With a Rugged Holder

There's something special about being out on the water. Whether it's a small body of water such as a lake or the open expanse of the ocean, it's just you and the elements — and your friends, of course. That's the fun of having a boat, whether you use it for pleasure or sport. While you're away from dry land, you'll still want to access all your favourite phone apps. Maybe you want to play some music, or perhaps you just want to keep an emergency phone line available just in case of an incident. Why bother with continually reaching into your pocket? You could use a boat phone mount instead to keep it close to the captain's chair.



If you do plan to mount your phone to a boat, it's important that you choose a product that can stay strong despite exposure to many of the elements: the sun, rain, and salt water can all combine to wear down low-quality mounts. You don't want your iphone falling into the bottom of the boat — or worse, the water! At Mr Mobile, we're here to help you avoid that scenario while maintaining maximum enjoyment for your phone. With our wide-ranging catalogue, you can select a boat phone holder that fits your device, no matter the type.

Find the boat phone mount that fits your device

If you already have a boat iphone holder you'd like to use, you can purchase a marine mount from our shop to complete your kit. If you don't have anything to store your phone in while boating, consider the RAM X-Grip Cradle instead. With a unique design consisting of adjustable arms, this holder features a universal design to fit just about any phone. From a slim iPhone to a larger Android device, all you need to do is make a simple adjustment.

With the arms in place, slide your phone inside and tighten the arms again. Your phone is now secure. When bolted to a marine-grade mount, you can enjoy rock solid reliability. When you're cutting through the waves, you won't need to worry about losing your phone without warning. The included device tether ensures your phone isn't going anywhere.


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The best boat iphone mount is the one you barely even notice; it "just works" whether you're putting the phone in for the day or taking it out to use in your hand. With the reliable quality of RAM products, you'll know that the product you purchase will keep on working trip after trip. Focus on your enjoyment of your time on the water, and not on worrying about whether your phone is safe.

Stuck on making a decision or not sure how to use a boat mount kit? Just ask our crew! Mr Mobile's staff can answer any of the questions you might have about our products. Call on (02) 8338 8558 for a helpful solution.