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Need a New Phone Holder? Track Your Ride on Your iPhone with a Bike Mount


Cycling is a fun way to exercise, but it's an eco-friendly way to travel around as well. Whether you enjoy hopping on your bike to train for a race with a cycling club or you're just fitting in some exercise time before work, it's a chance to enjoy the world around you. For iphone users and those with other smartphones, it's also an opportunity to track your ride, record stats, and even upload them to bicycle-centric social networks such as Strava. If you're wearing cycling clothes, though, it can be tough to find the right spot for your phone. Even if you aren't, keeping it in your pocket might not be your ideal solution. At Mr Mobile, we offer you an easy way to bring your device on the go with a bike phone mount.

Are you struggling to find a way to bike with your iphone without feeling like you're about to drop it every time you need to change a song or check your route? With a universal bike phone holder from RAM, that problem becomes a thing of the past. With 30 years of dedicated service behind us, the Mr Mobile team looks forward to helping you find the perfect mount.



Choosing a bike phone holder made simple


With Mr Mobile, there's no need to spend ages hunting down a holder that will work with both your bike and your phone. Buying a mount specific to your type of phone isn't necessary. Instead, the Universal X-Grip by RAM fits any phone. The mounting device clips onto your handlebars, to which you attach the X-Grip. A spring-loaded mechanism makes it a "snap" to secure your phone to the handlebar of your bike. Now you're ready to ride.

We also have weather-resistant pouches to mount to your bike. This offers an easy all-weather way to keep using your device in challenging conditions. Our kits always include what you need to get your new holder properly mounted on the bike. With one of these solutions in place, you can transform your riding experience. Change your music conveniently or keep a close eye on the distance you've biked; with the phone locked in place, you can do a tonne of new things.


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A solid bike iphone mount should last you for years — not just the span of time between rides. Mr Mobile is proud to offer only the finest products; RAM mounts feature incredibly durable construction. Even if you take a spill on your bike, you can count on your phone holder to survive. Begin browsing for the mount that you need, or give us a call on (02) 8338 8558 with any of your questions. We provide a complete service over the phone, including helping you place an order for shipment to your door. Open up new opportunities for enjoying your cycling when you can keep your phone handy at all times.