Optimise Your Family’s Rides with Sena 20s



You and your family love to spend weekends with the sun at your back and the wind blowing against your bodies as your motorcycles rumble loudly on the open road. This year your son is old enough to ride on his own. You need an upgrade to your mobile communication system that optimises the use of multiple Bluetooth synchronisations. The Sena 20s is the first in the industry to use two Bluetooth 4.1 technology modules allowing for stronger connections and clearer sound. Call or come down to Mr Mobile in Alexandria for a demonstration of Sena 20s’ premium innovations. Our enthusiastic and experienced staff offer full support for your Sena 20s or any other in our extensive selection of communication solutions for vehicles.


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The Sena 20s is easily controlled by the jog dial which allows you to navigate Bluetooth functions with a single touch. Meanwhile, the universal clamp kit securely attaches this superior system to any helmet. Sena 20s comes with three microphones so that you can choose the best comfort and functionality for both open-faced and closed-faced helmets. The 4-way intercom system has been enhanced and now reaches co-riders up to 2.4km away. Enjoy music sharing via programmable FM radio dial or Bluetooth access to any of your party’s Android or iPhone devices. Long battery life lets you and your family ride all day, and quick three-hour charging ensures the least possible disruption in your journey. Upgrade today with Mr Mobile online through secure payment options or come down and meet us in person.