Portable Air Pump for Motorcycle, Bicycle, Cycling, Sport Balls, Air Mattress - Auto Set PSI

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Smart Air Pump - The Worlds First Intelligent Air Pumping Device


  • Intelligent One Touch Operation - Super easy and convenient to use, just set your desired air pressure and activate the Smart Air Pump with a single press of a button
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design - the Smart Air Pump fits in your pocket or in your hand, is smaller than an iPhone 6 Plus and weighs less than an iPad Air
  • Durable and safe - Includes a woven air tube that is durable and not easily destroyed or damaged, making it safer to pump your tires every time
  • Rechargeable Battery - Use the Smart Air Pump over and over again, simple recharge the unit using a micro USB cable
  • Multiple Adapters - As well as the standard inflation adapter, the Smart Air Pump includes a Ball inflation needle, balloon inflation needle


How it Works:

Set desired air pressure using the smart pump LCD e-screen and arrow controls

Activate the Smart Air Pump using single button control

In less than 2.5 minutes, bicycle tires are inflated to their desired pressure


Tech Specs:

  • Weight: 400 grams
  • Charging Time: 2.5 Hours
  • Max Output Air Pressure: 100 psi
  • Dimensions: (L)148.5mm x (W)77mm x (H)26.5MM
  • Inflation Speed: 5 minutes for mountain bike (0-55psi)
  • Amps: 2750mAh


Suggested Uses:

  • Motorcycle tyres
  • Bicycle tyres
  • Footballs, Basketballs, Netballs.
  • Party Balloons
  • Small pool / Beach inflatables



SKU Smart-Air-Pump
Barcode # 6970156110035
Brand Uomi
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Sturdy construction and remarkably quiet.

By: on 8 April 2019
I bought this pump to prolong the life of my dual sport tyres. After letting the air pressure down for riding off road when done or doing stretches of tar between trails I can inflate the tyres back to a pressure fit for road use. Being battery operated, there is no need to have a power outlet on the bike or mess around with cables. From dead flat it takes around 5mins to reach 30psi and from 12psi my dirt pressure to 25psi my road pressure only 1-2mins about as long as it would take me with a hand pup only without all the sweat and swearing. The pump was supplied with a micro USB cable from MrMobile. A carry pouch would have been nice but is sadly not included. Operation is very simple and I would highly recommend this pump for its compact size, strong construction and convenience of a built in battery.

Very high quality

By: on 16 March 2019
I bought this pump to re-inflate my Trail bike tyres after riding off road back up to the correct pressure for tar and to preserve the Knobby tyres. The pump comes in a very nice and well presented box, and my first impression was the weight at 400 grams the unit is by no means too heavy to carry around but feels very well made and of strong rigid construction. I read in the reviews on this site that the unit does not come with a usb cable for charging, But Mr Mobile appears to now supply the unit with a seperate USB cable at no extra charge. The specifications listed on the Mr Mobile site are incorrect. The inflation time from 0-55psi is 5mins as per the manual (and based on my use is the correct time) not the stated 2mins. this is by no means a deal breaker and is comparable to other mini electric pumps. One spec I would have liked to have seen was the amp hours for the battery. It is listed in the manual as 2750mAh which is a good size and should provide substantial battery life when in use. The provided Air Hose is of very good quality with metal fittings and the valve connection supports both types of valve stems found on tyres. The Manual is in English and is very clear and easy to understand. The pump itself is very easy to operate. Your chosen inflation pressure is remembered so you do not need to set it every time. While in use the display shows the pressure in the tyre as it increases. The pressure displayed on the device is accurate as I tested it with a known to be correct pressure gauge. When in use the pump is very quiet in comparison to other pumps I have used, and there is virtually no vibration. My only gripe is it would have been nice if there was a supplied carry pouch but again not a deal breaker. At $100 the price is a little on the high side I think around the 70-80 would have been reasonable. but this is a very high quality item and I wasn't able to find anything else at this size and battery operated. I certainly would recommend this to other potential purchasers.

Mr Mobile Response
Clint - we genuinely thank you for your comprehensive review. We'll also get to work regarding the update of the specs. Thanks again!

Smart Air Pump M1

By: on 11 June 2018
Looks too good to be true, but so far so good (1st use). Prompt delivery from Mr Mobile which was best price. Timely arrival because my trailbike happened to have a flat. Took 3 mins to inflate from 0 to 15psi. Then promptly topped up my TuBliss inner tube to its required 100psi from 97psi, no problems and no drop in battery power according to the 3-stage battery indicator. Bit surprised it came with no charging cable (micro USB) or wall plug, but I guess we've all got plenty of those these days. No reason not to give 5 stars, just seems too hasty because I haven't had it long enough to vouch for things like durability. A carry pouch would have been nice, neoprene or whatever

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